Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What if you were asked iif you wanted to meet your Self?
In that moment you had never even realized that you weren't knowing who you really were.
In that asking you allowed a light to enter you that could not have entered before.
Your Self has never been realized and yet has been always hidden inside a counterfeit you.

Who am I then I cry" What and why have I hidden myself underneath this false charade?
Who am I, what am I, how do I feel, what is the sound of my voice, what are my words, my smiles, my carings?I want to you, I don't want to crawl around in this self deception anymore reaching for you through these words, I call out to you with a throat of longing
Mother, where are you?

I deeply, deeply yearn for union, this realization.
I look into my heart and feel the longing!I close my eyes and scream for you inside a silent throated yearning.
How long will this fire take burning out the old false one.

My teeth grit wide and freeze in helplessness.
Will you come, will you arise soon to be seen and known by me?